Mirena and Kyleena are long acting Intra-Uterine (IUD) progesterone-only contraception devices that last for 5 years.  They are 99.95% effective in preventing pregnancy, making them the most effective contraception available. They are suitable for nearly all women, including adolescents and those who have never had a vaginal delivery.  

  • IUD are perfectly suitable for teenagers through to postmenopausal women.
  • IUDs are perfectly suitable for non-sexually active women.
  • IUDs are the first choice for those with Endometriosis or heavy bleeding.
  • IUDs can and are often placed in women who have never delivered a baby vaginally.
  • IUDs can be inserted from 6 weeks after a vaginal delivery so long as your uterus has returned to its non-pregnant size.
  • IUDs containing progesterone can be used with some Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) regimens

Mirena and Kyleena

  • Mirena and Kyleena are both Progesterone IUDs made by the same company. 
  • Kyleena is suitable for young women who just need a safe and effective form of contraception. Kyleena is a little smaller than Mirena and has less active ingredient but is just as effective in preventing pregnancy as Mirena.
  • Mirena is more suitable for women with heavy menstrual bleeding, endometriosis, and have had vaginal deliveries.

Up to 65% of women with a Mirena or Kyleena experience no periods or noticeably lighter periods within the first year of use; typically, within the first 3 to 6 months.  The purchase cost of a Mirena or Kyleena makes it very cost effective compared to 5 years of purchasing hygiene products, plus other forms of contraception.

Dr Bruce Maybloom is specially trained and accredited by Family Planning Queensland (True P/L) to insert Mirena and Kyleena Intra IUDs.  IUD insertion and removal are done in the practice without the need for a general anaesthetic nor sedation.   We get you to take simple pain relief (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen) an hour before the procedure.  Additional analgesia is available if required. You cannot drive for an hour after insertion, as some women can feel a little lightheaded after insertion.

Unless just removing an IUD, the process requires two appointments: 

  • The first appointment is an information/screening appointment and will involve a precautionary infection screen to be done as well as Cervical Screening (PaP) if needed.  We also discuss how to prepare, including safe sex, analgesia, best timing and what to expect after insertion.
  • The second appointment is when you the IUD is inserted and is approximately 30-45 minutes and will incur a ‘Mirena/Kyleena Cost’. All insertions are done with a female nurse in attendance during the procedure.  If you want, with your consent. a support person (friend, mother, etc) is welcome into the room during the procedure.


You can call reception and ask one of the following appointments:

  • Mirena/Kyleena – ‘Discussion and Assessment’ – First appointment
  • Mirena/Kyleena ‘insertion’ – Second appointment
  • Mirena/Kyleena ‘Replacement’ – Second appointment
  • Mirena/Kyleena/Copper IUD ‘Removal’ – One appointment only.

Every woman is unique. How different women respond to different forms of hormone containing contraception is a very individual thing. Whilst we like to give the Mirena and Kyleena at least 3 months to settle down, please be assured that we will have no hesitation in removing at any time if you feel that it is not the right choice for you.

Please be assured, that we will answer any questions that you may have. However, please feel free to click on the links below for further information.